Time 01.05.2018
Black Wedding at The Haiku Mill :: Nicole & Chris

Nicole and Chris are both fans of the dark and dramatic so they planned their wedding in shades of black, white and gold; the anti-wedding with character and authenticity. They requested a black dress code which added to the dramatic, stylish flair of their flawless day.

The romantic, ethereal Haiku Mill was the perfect venue for this stunning couple’s vision; with hanging crystals interspersed with dark, red roses hanging from black ribbon, flowing, sheer black draping at the entrance of their ceremony and black Chiavari chair seating for their guests. As soon as we saw their breathtaking ceremony setup we knew we were in for something amazing.

We photographed Nicole’s gorgeous Grace Loves Lace wedding gown from a stunning, hanging Rococo Crystal Chandelier, courtesy of Signature Event Rentals, before we met the beautiful bride inside the Haiku Mill Cane House for pre-ceremony bridal portraits. As the dashing groom, Chris, pulled up to the Haiku Mill in a silver Porsche Speedster, we captured a few solo portraits before we facilitated a sweet first look between the couple in the courtyard of the Haiku Mill before their guests arrived. A ceremony full of love and laughter followed by romantic portraits with this charming couple around the grounds of the Haiku Mill topped off their endearing day and we were so honored to be a part of it all.
When we asked the couple what attracted them to Dmitri and Sandra Photography, they answered as follows:
“We enjoy the cinematic quality of your photography, we found it to be dramatic, creative and honest.”
It’s such a huge compliment and we were truly honored to have been chosen as this sophisticated couple’s Maui Wedding Photographer. We felt a true affinity with this couple and were so happy to receive the following review from the groom after the couple received their images, we truly work with the most amazing couples!
“Dmitri is a true professional on every count. Talent, experience, vision, inspiration, and a magical ability to create around whatever has his eye. He shot my wedding in June and the result was phenomenal. My work in film allows me to work with excellent photographers frequently so I would like to think I can be discerning. Dmitri has captured my respect and trust. A true creative with the skill to back it up. Highest recommendation possible.
Maui Wedding Planner: Elements Luxury Events
Maui Wedding Venue: Haiku Mill
Maui Wedding Photographer: Dmitri and Sandra Photography
Officiant: Pia Aluli
Bride’s Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty
Videography: Sunlit Films
Porsche Speedster: Maui Roadsters
Wedding Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Groom’s Attire: Indochino


Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0006 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0005   Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0007   Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0009 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0010 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0011 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0012 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0014 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0015 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0016 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0023 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0024 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0025 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0018
  Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0019 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0027 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0028 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0031 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0032 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0033 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0034 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0035 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0036 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0039 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0041 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0043 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0044 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0045 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0046 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0048 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0049 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0050 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0051 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0052
Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0053 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0054
  Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0061 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0062 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0065   Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0067 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0068 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0070 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0072 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0073 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0074 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0076 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0077 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0079 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0081 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0082 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0083 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0084 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0085 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0087 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0088 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0089 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0093 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0094 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0095 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0098 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0099 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0100      Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0108 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0106   Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0109 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0110 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0111 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0112 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0115 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0101 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0102 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0103 Haiku-Mill-Wedding-Photos-Maui-0105



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