Married with Children

Time 03.23.2017
The Offergelds Hit the East Coast


It was the first time in this part of the world for all four of us. My sister Watsuki moved to Philly from Maui about 10 years ago and I dont think shes coming back. I cant blame her life seems just perfect for her and her Husband Tim, Baby Olivia and her son Rexy. They opened their home and their hearts to us for a few weeks over the christmas vacation and showed us  the absolute best time. Its fun to go places but its waaaay funner when you know someone in those spots. Maui-Wedding-Photographer

I was so tired of bringing home thousands of photos from our vacations. They all just sit on hard drives and I get way too intimidated by the mass quantities to get started, or too busy to even try to sort through and edit. So this vacay I brought a 35mm film cam and shot some kodak film. So fun!! And the best part no editing and a “closer-to-sane” amount of photos from our vacay. Hence, we actually enjoy looking at them now :roll: The first shot up above im telling the stanger on the street to ease up on the shutter. Bro was rapid firing and just burning my film. Classic.  hjutr



On Christmas day my youngest sister Evianne, delighted us with classical piano and Watsuki served us dinner in the amazing dining room below. colagefam2

Head Shot – Evianne. She got that scar by diving head first into a lava rock when she was 2.



Super not cool that my older sister looks younger than me.


These are side by side silhouettes of Sandr and I on the right and Watsuki and Tim on the left. Tis the season for smooching.








These shoes tho!








Watsuki trying to catch some rays. It was freezing!


Me my nephew Rex and sister Evianne. Family man to the end.


We were so excited driving into Manhattan. Felt surreal  for this tropical ohana. We truly had the time of our lives and cant wait to get back!

















We were in poopy moods below. Far from our hotel, cold and tired of walking. Oh and traffic at a complete standstill for the entire city.


The central park tunnel! We went to the zoo right around the corner after this shot :)




Ooohhh oh! Im an alien, Im an illegal alien Im a pervian in New York! (Shes not an illegal alien) Back da-f-up Donald.


col4 004646-R1-029

004647-R1-012 004646-R1-008

Thanks for checking out our adventure. Peace, love, and good vibes!

Time 12.21.2014
A Chilly Upcountry Christmas Party

It was an awesome night with amazing people. Sometimes I want to pinch myself to make sure im not dreaming. We are surrounded by positive whimisical dreamers.  Its truly an honor to be not only coleagues but also true friends with these humans.

 We bring our kids with us to every party we can in the hopes that when they are teens and young adults they will want to party with us. Here’s Zoey getting her hair done by aunty Anna.


IMG_9709 Everette and his daughter ….. beautiful.  IMG_9715 Caprice and Darren ~ 2 of the sweetest.  IMG_9717 IMG_9722 Huh? IMG_9725

Ohana Films Kent (K-slice) and Darlene. Freezing. They are the best.  IMG_9728 After some wine ~ yes they got our devices.
IMG_9730 IMG_9741 Jeanies Boots. IMG_9744

Kent in the Andes Mountains.  IMG_9748 Two of our favorite ladies in the Maui Wedding Industry ~ Anna Kim and Della of Dellables.  IMG_9750

Inca  IMG_9751 The infamous Bliss Boy Shane Canada.  IMG_9753 IMG_9754

IMG_9756 3 am photos. No sleep for Dmitri. IMG_9761 Morning cane fire. IMG_9763 The multi-verse.  IMG_9767 IMG_9769 Buenos dias. This is what Im talking about – Della and Jeanie of Delllables got us this cabin so we didnt have to drive across the island after the party. Talk about a getaway.  IMG_9771 IMG_9782 Meghhhhhghj  IMG_9789 IMG_9790 A game of sorry IMG_9792 IMG_9801 IMG_9816 The Gang.
IMG_9842 IMG_9843 IMG_9846 IMG_9852 IMG_9866 IMG_9873 IMG_9879

Time 11.09.2012
Married with Children. Episode I :: Big Island Adventure 2011

Wecome to our new blog series “Married with Children”. Being a full time husband/wife photography team and raising two children simultaneously has its challenges …. Its a lot of hard work and most times it is not glamorous in the least. But we keep shooting for the stars and pushing forward  because we believe in what we do with the utmost conviction. And in the end, the rewards are priceless. We invite you to follow our family adventures, some good and some not so much. We can guarantee you only one thing –  they are real :)

In this episode we visit my Mom’s house on the Big Island. This is the house I grew up in and it holds some of my most precious life memories. Located in South Kona in the middle of the jungle. Off the grid completely. It was so special to be in a place where we were forced to take time off. No electricity = no editing, no staying up late watching movies or Facebooking. Just pure quality time with the people we love most in this world – FAMILIA. My brother Andre of All Time Media joined us for the trip with his daughter Ayah-Love and beautiful wife Jules who was 7 months pregnant with ” Baby Dre” at the time. Good times!