Time 04.22.2015
Grand Wailea Resort Wedding :: Jessica , Phil and Hurricane Anna

The Day of Jesssica and Phils wedding most of Maui was indoors bracing for Hurricane Anna, scheduled to pass just a few miles south of Maui at any moment. At that point the only thing to do was to embrace the weather for what is was and do our best to not to let it ruin the day. We lucked out big time and after a few very light showers the weather at the Grand Wailea Resort was strangely calm the rest of the day. Hurricane Anna loomed on the horizon just close enough to give Jessica, Phil and their guests a spectacular lightning show during the reception and to serve as a reminder that love, like the weather is strangley unpredictable and to never take any moment for granted. It turned out to be a perfect wedding and Jessica and Phil rocked it like a hurricane!



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