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The Heirloom Wedding Album

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Its incredible to think that we were basically the last generation to grow up without smart phones. We live in the most incredible time to be alive an no doubt we are absolutely fascinated and grateful for the advances in the digital technology world. Especially being wedding photographers, where being connected and quick responses are not only expected but mandatory. While we do embrace and use todays technology to its fullest, the digital grind gets us feeling like we would like to be a part of the resurgence of all things beautiful, tangible and soulful. We can feel people are craving goods that represent workmanship or a craft. One reason we truly believe in the value of investing in a wedding album as your final product. Crafted to last for generations these books can be passed on and become cherished family heirlooms, showing the grand-kids how it all started.

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10×10   $1700

12×12   $2200



100 images of your choice on 40 pages (20 spreads)

custom design + one round of edits

one line of imprinting

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Additional spread (2 pages, 4 additional images )   $100

Additional round of edits   $200