Time 04.13.2016
Maui Wedding at The Villa at Calasa Road :: Alexa and Sal

Alexa and Sal’s journey to the altar has all the elements of a fantastic love story.  The bride is a classically trained ballet dancer and studied social worker with an altruistic heart.  The groom is a well-read entrepreneur, skilled hunter and great outdoorsman.  Both were raised on the remote island of Maui on a healthy diet of sea, sand, and sunshine.  If Sal and Alexa were viewed as celestial objects you would see them originally as just high school acquaintances, two separate gravitationally bound structures associated with a common position in space.  They’d orbit around Maui along paths that would occasionally bring them within range, while other times their educations and travels would spiral them continents apart.  However, as fate would have it, the love of their families, and their deep roots in the islands would ultimately pull them both homeward again.  Once back on Maui they were reintroduced by their mutual friend Mark Mayeda, who would later officiate their wedding.  Eventually these heavenly bodies would unite in such a way that left all of us seeing fireworks.

Alexa and Sal were married on a perfect September day along the slopes of Haleakala. The intimate villa overlooking an olive farm provided a picturesque venue for the marriage of his Italian heritage, with her rustic upcountry charm.  The stylish details, handcrafted cocktails and gourmet food where a reflection of the couple’s casual elegance and excellent taste.  The love and commitment that took place between Alexa and Sal on their wedding day was absolutely palpable.  Everyone in attendance was fortunate enough to have witnessed the perfect culmination of their love story.

(Story by Becca, Alexa’s Maid of Honor)

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Maui Wedding Venue :: The Villa at Calasa Road

Wedding Planning and Design :: Robyn Iaaea Of Pacific Weddings

Maui Wedding Floral Design :: Mandy Grace Designs

Maui Wedding Photographers :: Dmitri and Sandra Photography

Hair Stylist :: Dan Sanchez 

Make-Up Artist :: Jessica Waite

Maui Wedding Caterer :: Maui Executive Catering

Bar Service :: Garnish Craft Cocktail Catering

Calligraphy :: Miss B Calligraphy

Tables & Chairs :: Signature Event Rentals



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