Time 07.22.2014
Olowalu Plantation House Wedding :: Peter and Jaime

What a story these two have – Peter and Jaime’s first date was in Bangkok, Thailand. Jaime was on her way to Indonesia and Peter was there on business. Talk about fate … After meeting up in California for another date when they returned home, Peter and Jaime both knew there was something special between them. A few weeks after they started dating they hoped on a plane to Australia … then to Asia … then to Africa! Completely fitting for Peter and Jaime’s adventurous spirits and worldly perspective. Their Maui wedding was a dream. Beautiful weather at Olowalu Plantation House, 85 of their closest friends and family, gorgeous decor and the funnest bridal party any B&G could ask for. It was an honor to document their day!

Cheers, D&S

Mahalo to these talented Maui wedding vendors who helped make this event so special!

Maui Wedding Venue :: Olowalu Plantation House

Maui Wedding Planner :: Fay Hovey of Aloha Maui Weddings

Wedding Officiant :: Kahu Kale

Floral Design :: Bella Bloom Floral Boutique

Photography :: Dmitri and Sandra Photography

Catering :: Aloha Events Catering

Hair and Make-up Artist :: Maui Mira

Entertainment :: Manuteanui’e

Wedding DJ :: DJ Ron

Cinematography :: Reel Eyes

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