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Time 02.02.2016
A Destination Maui Wedding at The Andaz Wailea :: Tracy and Eric

Thanks so much to all the amazing Maui Wedding Vendors who made this event so spectacular!

Maui Wedding Venue :: The Andaz, Wailea Maui 

Maui Wedding Planner :: Laura Amerio of The Andaz Wailea Maui

Maui Wedding Flowers :: Bella Bloom

Maui Wedding Cinematography :: Sunlit Films

Maui Wedding Hair and Make-up Artist :: MeiLi Autumn Beauty

Maui Wedding Rentals :: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals

Maui Wedding Photography :: Yours Truly, Dmitri and Sandra


Time 04.22.2015
Grand Wailea Resort Wedding :: Jessica , Phil and Hurricane Anna

The Day of Jesssica and Phils wedding most of Maui was indoors bracing for Hurricane Anna, scheduled to pass just a few miles south of Maui at any moment. At that point the only thing to do was to embrace the weather for what is was and do our best to not to let it ruin the day. We lucked out big time and after a few very light showers the weather at the Grand Wailea Resort was strangely calm the rest of the day. Hurricane Anna loomed on the horizon just close enough to give Jessica, Phil and their guests a spectacular lightning show during the reception and to serve as a reminder that love, like the weather is strangley unpredictable and to never take any moment for granted. It turned out to be a perfect wedding and Jessica and Phil rocked it like a hurricane!



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Time 01.04.2014
Grand Wailea Maui Wedding :: Anna + Bryan

Maui Wedding Venue – The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Maui Wedding Planner – MaryAnn Blanchard of The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Maui Wedding Officiant – Ron Wrinkler

Maui Wedding DJ – DJ Dan

Maui Wedding Photography – Dmitri and Sandra Photography

Time 05.05.2012
grand wailea wedding :: carrie and phillip

Carrie and Phillip were 16 years old when they first met at “Hollywood Legend’s” dance club in Denver Colorado. As Carrie puts it, “he was taking up valuable space just STANDING on the dancefloor”. After Carrie bumping into Phillip numerous times he started a conversation. They remained friends until after highschool when Phillip inlisted in the Army. Their friendship grew. When Carrie traveled to visit Phillip at his post he told her he loved her and was going to marry her sooner or later.

A classic love story!

Carrie and Phillp – Thanks for being so trusting, down-to-earth and easy going. It was an honor to document your day!

Much Love and Aloha!

Huge mahalo to Daisy Melendez of The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa for planning this perfect wedding!

Time 04.12.2012
grand wailea wedding :: lauren and todd

Her favorite movie Gone With The Wind, his favorite movie Casablanca.

One word comes to mind … Classic.

Lauren and Todd’s family and friends gathered in the gardens of the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa to take part in one of the cutest weddings ever. Lauren and Todd’s affection was nearly contagious – It was such a pleasure to be around these two as they celebrated their love in Paradise! Thanks for sharing your day with us you two!

Todd really relaxed and enjoyed the solitude before all the craziness of the days events. I thought it was quite and honor he invited me in to snap a few frames –  Suck em’ up buddy!  Cheers  -D

Todd looked slick rockin the Calvin Klein suit!

“The Return to Classic” –  Most of our brides lately are keeping it classic with things like pearls and feathers etc… Love it!

Todds family in the first one, and his Grandmother in the second photo looking down on him just before the first look.

Todd’s mother coulndt help crying as the anticipation of the first look was building.

One of my very favorite first look photos of all time.

Todd’s Grandma sheds a tear as Todd and Lauren have their first kiss as husband and wife …

Imeddiately after the ceremony is one of my favorite times for photographs. Everyone is just bursting with happiness! – always good for pictures :) – D

Yep double perspective, and yep, we did plan it that way :)  Sandras image above, mine below – D

Lauren’s mother watched proudly as Lauren and Todd shared their first dance. We love to capture these special relationships at weddings!

Seriously, I cant think of a better church setting. The Grand Wailea chapel is an incredible spot to exchange vows.

Big mahalo to all the talented Maui wedding vendors who helped make this Destination Maui wedding a success.

Venue – The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Coordination – The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

Flowers – Bella Bloom Maui

Videography – Live Maui Webcasts

Music – Charles Nahale