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Time 09.13.2018
Gorgeous Maui Wedding at The Olowalu Plantation House :: Becca & John
Becca and John have been vacationing in Hawaii for as long as they have been dating so choosing Maui as their destination wedding location was an easy decision. They knew that this balmy Hawaiian paradise was the perfect location to gather their family and friends for a week filled with love, laughter and unforgettable memories. They wanted their celebration to be centered around their loved ones, spending as much quality time with them as possible. They envisioned a fun and welcoming atmosphere with thoughtful touches which included a piece of Becca’s mom’s wedding dress wrapped around her bouquet, wedding photos of their parents and grandparents displayed prominently and pictures of family and friends placed at every table. Decor in shades of light blues and greens reflected the natural elements of their surroundings.
Time 02.08.2016
An Elegant Maui Wedding at Olowalu :: Karen and Jason

Its always a pleasure to work with our fellow Maui Wedding Vendors. Mahalo to all who helped make this Olowalu Wedding so gorgeous!

Maui Wedding Venue :: Olowalu Plantation House

Maui Wedding Floral Design :: Dellables

Maui Wedding Cinematographers :: Ohana Films

Maui Wedding Make Up Artist :: Meili Autumn Beauty

Maui Wedding Coordination :: Food For The Soul 

Maui Wedding Caterer :: Food For The Soul

Maui Wedding DJ :: DJ Del Sol

Maui Wedding Officiant :: Kahu Kale Kaalekahi 

Fire Dancer :: Kawika of Manuteanuie

Maui Wedding Rentals :: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals

Maui Wedding Photography :: Yours truly, Dmitri and Sandra


Time 07.22.2014
Olowalu Plantation House Wedding :: Peter and Jaime

What a story these two have – Peter and Jaime’s first date was in Bangkok, Thailand. Jaime was on her way to Indonesia and Peter was there on business. Talk about fate … After meeting up in California for another date when they returned home, Peter and Jaime both knew there was something special between them. A few weeks after they started dating they hoped on a plane to Australia … then to Asia … then to Africa! Completely fitting for Peter and Jaime’s adventurous spirits and worldly perspective. Their Maui wedding was a dream. Beautiful weather at Olowalu Plantation House, 85 of their closest friends and family, gorgeous decor and the funnest bridal party any B&G could ask for. It was an honor to document their day!

Cheers, D&S

Mahalo to these talented Maui wedding vendors who helped make this event so special!

Maui Wedding Venue :: Olowalu Plantation House

Maui Wedding Planner :: Fay Hovey of Aloha Maui Weddings

Wedding Officiant :: Kahu Kale

Floral Design :: Bella Bloom Floral Boutique

Photography :: Dmitri and Sandra Photography

Catering :: Aloha Events Catering

Hair and Make-up Artist :: Maui Mira

Entertainment :: Manuteanui’e

Wedding DJ :: DJ Ron

Cinematography :: Reel Eyes

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Time 03.16.2014
Merriman’s Kapalua Wedding :: Kristine and Vinh


Kristine and Vinh share a love for the ocean. So a sunset ceremony at Merriman’s Kapalua overlooking the pacific was the perfect setting for them to exchange vows. You couldnt wipe the smile off their faces the entire day. Kristine and Vinh enjoy snowboarding and baking together and plan on traveling the world .We think Maui is the perfect place to start their journey. Congrat Kristine and Vinh!



Big thanks to all the amazing Maui wedding vendors who made this wedding so special!

Maui Wedding Venue :: Merriman’s Kapalua

Maui Wedding Coordination :: Merriman’s Kapalua

Maui Wedding Floral Design :: Sunya’s Flowers

Maui Wedding Musician :: Marvin Tevaga

Maui Wedding Photography :: Dmitri and Sandra Photography

Maui Wedding Cinematography :: All Time Media


HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0004 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0005

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0006 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0007

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0008 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0009

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0010 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0012

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0013 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0014

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0015 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0016

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0017 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0018

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0020 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0019

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0021 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0023


HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0026 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0027

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0028 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0029

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0030 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0031

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0032 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0033

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0034 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0035

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0036 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0037

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0038 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0039

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0040 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0041

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0042 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0043

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0045 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0046

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0047 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0048

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0049 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0050

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0051 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0052

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0053 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0055

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0056 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0057

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0058 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0059

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0060 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0061

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0062 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0063

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0064 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0065

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0066 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0067

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0068 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0069

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0070 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0071

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0072 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0073

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0074 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0075

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0076 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0077

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0078 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0079

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0080 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0081

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0082 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0083

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0085 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0084

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0086 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0087

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0088 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0089

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0090 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0091

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0092 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0093

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0095 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0096

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0097 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0098

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0099 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0100

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0102 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0103

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0104 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0105

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0106 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0107

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0108 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0109

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0110 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0111

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0112 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0113

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0114 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0116

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0117 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0118

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0119 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0120

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0121 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0122

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0123 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0125

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0126 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0128

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0130 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0131

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0132 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0133

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0134 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0136

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0137 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0138

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0139 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0140

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0141 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0142

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0143 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0144

HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0146 HawaiiBeachWeddingMerrimans-0147