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Time 02.18.2016
An Intimate Maui Wedding at Olowalu :: Courtney and Chas

Mahalo to all our fellow Maui Wedding Vendors who made this wedding at Olowalu so exquisite!

Maui Wedding Planner :: Tropical Maui Weddings

Maui Floral Design :: Lois Hiranaga Florals

Maui Wedding Officiant :: Laki Kaahumanu

Maui Wedding Caterer :: Cafe Olei

Maui Wedding Musician :: Jamie Lawrence

Maui Wedding Photography :: Dmitri & Sandra


Time 02.02.2016
A Destination Maui Wedding at The Andaz Wailea :: Tracy and Eric

Thanks so much to all the amazing Maui Wedding Vendors who made this event so spectacular!

Maui Wedding Venue :: The Andaz, Wailea Maui 

Maui Wedding Planner :: Laura Amerio of The Andaz Wailea Maui

Maui Wedding Flowers :: Bella Bloom

Maui Wedding Cinematography :: Sunlit Films

Maui Wedding Hair and Make-up Artist :: MeiLi Autumn Beauty

Maui Wedding Rentals :: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals

Maui Wedding Photography :: Yours Truly, Dmitri and Sandra


Time 06.15.2015
Best of Love 2014 :: Dmitri and Sandra Maui Weddings

Best Of Love by Dmitri and Sandra Photography

We strive to capture the essence of you and your love for each other, inspired by the idea that these images will become your family history and when your children and grandchildren look at them, will know how it all started. Because legacy is future, people are more important than stuff, timeless is modern and trends do die. We give you honest and uplifting images.

Aloha, Dmitri and Sandra


Time 03.14.2015
Merriman’s Kapalua Wedding :: Brittany & Mike

Big Mahalo to all of our talented colleagues who helped make  this Merriman’s Kapalua Wedding perfect!

Maui Wedding Venue :: Merrriman’s Kapalua

Wedding Coordination :: Marina of Merriman’s Kapalua

Wedding Floral Design :: Dellables 

Live Music :: David Wolf 

Officiant :: Barefoot Warrior 

Cinematography :: Ohana Films

Make up and Hair Artist :: Maui Make-up Artistry


Time 07.01.2014
A Romantic Maui Beach Wedding :: Olivia and Ryan

Olivia and Ryan tied the knot on Po’olenalena beach, Maui in front of a small group of close friends and family who traveled from all corners of the globe. Ryan and Olivia both work in the video game industry with Ryan as freelance designer and Olivia as an instructor for kids who want to enter into the gaming industry. They both enjoy traveling, and of course playing video games together :) They were a match made in heaven and their Maui beach wedding was the perfect setting for them to say “I do”.

Thank you Olivia and Ryan for making us a part of your wedding day!

Cheers, D&S

MauiBeachWedding MauiBeachWeddin0003 MauiBeachWeddin0004 MauiBeachWeddin0006 MauiBeachWeddin0007 MauiBeachWeddin0005 MauiBeachWeddin0008 MauiBeachWeddin0009 MauiBeachWeddin0010 MauiBeachWeddin0011 MauiBeachWeddin0012 MauiBeachWeddin0013 MauiBeachWeddin0015 MauiBeachWeddin0016 MauiBeachWeddin0017 MauiBeachWeddin0018 MauiBeachWeddin0019 MauiBeachWeddin0020 MauiBeachWeddin0021 MauiBeachWeddin0022 MauiBeachWeddin0023 MauiBeachWeddin0024 MauiBeachWeddin0025 MauiBeachWeddin0026 MauiBeachWeddin0027 MauiBeachWeddin0028 MauiBeachWeddin0029 MauiBeachWeddin0030 MauiBeachWeddin0031 MauiBeachWeddin0032 MauiBeachWeddin0033 MauiBeachWeddin0034 MauiBeachWeddin0035 MauiBeachWeddin0036 MauiBeachWeddin0037 MauiBeachWeddin0038 MauiBeachWeddin0039 MauiBeachWeddin0040 MauiBeachWeddin0041 MauiBeachWeddin0042 MauiBeachWeddin0043 MauiBeachWeddin0044 MauiBeachWeddin0045 MauiBeachWeddin0046 MauiBeachWeddin0047 MauiBeachWeddin0048 MauiBeachWeddin0049 MauiBeachWeddin0050 MauiBeachWeddin0051 MauiBeachWeddin0052 MauiBeachWeddin0053 MauiBeachWeddin0054 MauiBeachWeddin0055 MauiBeachWeddin0056 MauiBeachWeddin0057 MauiBeachWeddin0058 MauiBeachWeddin0059 MauiBeachWeddin0060 MauiBeachWeddin0061 MauiBeachWeddin0062 MauiBeachWeddin0063 MauiBeachWeddin0064 MauiBeachWeddin0065 MauiBeachWeddin0066 MauiBeachWeddin0067 MauiBeachWeddin0068 MauiBeachWeddin0069 MauiBeachWeddin0070 MauiBeachWeddin0071 MauiBeachWeddin0072 MauiBeachWeddin0073 MauiBeachWeddin0074 MauiBeachWeddin0075 MauiBeachWeddin0076 MauiBeachWeddin0077 MauiBeachWeddin0078 MauiBeachWeddin0079 MauiBeachWeddin0080 MauiBeachWeddin0081 MauiBeachWeddin0082 MauiBeachWeddin0083 MauiBeachWeddin0084 MauiBeachWeddin0085 MauiBeachWeddin0086 MauiBeachWeddin0087 MauiBeachWeddin0088 MauiBeachWeddin0089 MauiBeachWeddin0090 MauiBeachWeddin0091 MauiBeachWeddin0092 MauiBeachWeddin0093 MauiBeachWeddin0094 MauiBeachWeddin0095 MauiBeachWeddin0096 MauiBeachWeddin0097 MauiBeachWeddin0098 MauiBeachWeddin0099 MauiBeachWeddin0100 MauiBeachWeddin0101 MauiBeachWeddin0102 MauiBeachWeddin0103 MauiBeachWeddin0104 MauiBeachWeddin0105 MauiBeachWeddin0106 MauiBeachWeddin0107 MauiBeachWeddin0108 MauiBeachWeddin0109 MauiBeachWeddin0110 MauiBeachWeddin0111 MauiBeachWeddin0112 MauiBeachWeddin0113 MauiBeachWeddin0114 A big MAHALO to all the amazing vendors who were a part of this event!

Maui Wedding Planner – Aloha Maui Weddings

Maui Wedding Officiant – Fay Hovey

Maui Wedding Reception Venue – Gannons 

Gown – Monique Lhulier

Hair and Make up – Beach Brides by Heather

Maui Wedding Photographers – Dmitri and Sandra Photography